PFS30780 575

  • Tillverkare
  • Modell:
  • Kulör
    Blå, Brun
  • Skaft
    Textil - Textil, Äkta skinn - Slätt läder, Mocka
  • Fodring
  • Innesula
  • Skons höjd:
    17 cm
  • Skaftets omkrets vid övre kanten (den minsta storleken):
    29 cm
  • Sula
    högkvalitativt material
  • Skons vikt (i den minsta storleken):
    500 g
  • Annat:
    skosnöre i textil
  • Till liknande


Förslag från Pepe Jeans. Skaftet huvudsakligen iTextil - Textil, Äkta skinn - Slätt läder, Mocka. Innerfoder i textil med goda andningsegenskaper. Innersula i textil. En tjockare sula i högkvalitativt material ger bra grepp mot underlag. Sneakers är en numera klassisk skomodell som matchar allt.
Recensioner (1)
Stefan Pupi Milinković_SRB
30 september 2018
Heloo... I just wanted to say a few words about Pepe Jeans London PFS30780 575 Sneackers / Boots. As we can see it's a old model from the collection fall/winter 2013. Hm 5 years ago... but lets just say that 5 years ago brand Pepe Jeans wasn't known to people here in my small town :) so ... like in everything we are late a few years. In things like computers,smartphones.. Cars.. for example if you drive a car made after 2002. Its almost like you have a new car.. ? its not like that anymore. So we was late but now have a privlige to enjoy some things that 60% of the world has forget about. So now we not only that know for pepe jeans but we got stores with a huge choice of their great product. Of course we follow newest fall/winter collection. But also great thing is that i was able to buy new PFS30780 575 from 2013 last year. To be exact 15.09.2017. I bought brand new Pepe Jeans PFS30780 575 for 29€. Or 34$. HOW? Well easy ?. Lets look at the price of a PFS30780 575. Initial price in winter 2013. was betwen 124 & 130€ or 145-150$. And ofcourse just like in every store. Product from a collection older than 2 years automaticly going on se first was 15% ... then 35% and so on... and of course in 2017. There was a new line and new products.sneackers from that collection was in a price range betwen 90€ & 170€. Ofcourse im talking about one that was mosr look a like PFS30780 575. There was a 2 similar snickers but i was in a situation to compare first hand new ones that are about 140$ & "old" realy just name of the collection sounded old but i tried new ones and tried PFS30780 575.. and not only that "old" one that was on a sale 80%. Was better loooking haf better dessing plus material used 5 yearrs ago and today isnt the same. PFS30780 575 had so much harder leather and ruber parts also to ealk in PFS30780 575 is almost uncomperable better then in the new ones so in the end i was sure that i bought better lookin,easier to walk and qualty on PFS30780 575 is so better that u can feel it just by touching. So in the end i bought a much better and by the looks on them more durable snickers for about 30€ just because on the box says fall/winter 2013. Most important is that box was new and sealed. And everybody else then and after that bought something like that in pepe jeans paid more then 4 almost 5 times and got a product lrss qualty. And with that from me all the best for a PFS30780 575 that i got from my storage room today. And as i was looking in them i remeberd all this and also that my friend bought similar sneackers/boots i think sometime in a end of february or begining of martch this year. He paid exatcly 4 times more 120€ for a new modell. So i said that we are friends and given that i know that he activly used em for about 4 months. We did most same activities better part of april we spent on a mountine on a board jumping and falling...etc. and i took for a spin my old ones ?PFS30780 575 today. And must say.they are in great almost perfect condition. Even from the outside its all the same nothing beside the litle pice of paper that was put inside the snickers and had a size number on it.was dameged.and friend that i was talking about heard that i was hiking today. So he came by to ask about the condition of ours pirivate snowboard trail. And first thing he saw was PFS30780 575 on my dorestep and almost instantly asked is it posible that they look like that.or maybe i bought anouther pair ?. Not only that they look new but most important. They are not damaged anywhere. I was hiking about 15 miles uphill and 15 miles downhill. On the top was very cold and almost the 80% of the trail is mud and there was enough watter that i had to walk about 100m true watter and wet cold mud. Easly after i was out and on the on of the little hills i j simply took a papier tishue and clean my sneackers/boots & and i wasnt cold after all a
I started to take of my socks. And they were totaly dry just like insids the boots. I cleaned them and show them to my friend witch 130$ "new" boots started leeaking after 2 months. Ok still he can use them but its unebelivae but its true in 2013. They used a matterials of better qualty then in 2017. So my 5 and more 30$ boots still loking new and still are better then all in their class that was made after this years. And i was lookin on the web page where people sell and buy used stuff and new stuff. And i find that one guy in my country selling PFS30780 575 in very good shape just about like mine. And he is asking 45€ witch is below half of the originall price. But as i can saw he put empty space if someone wants to negotiate the price. I think that he is asking for 45€ but if someone give him 35. He would sell imeaditly. I was happy to see PFS30780 575 in such good state like mine so i also took a few photos just to compare hiss from the add and my. And i must say im positevly suprised how good their lookinn and even more how comortable and wiithout damages and lraks. So ???? if u can buy PFS30780 575 frm 2013. Better then newest. PFS30780 575 are muchhh much much better and are going to last ( even used every winter in extreme sports and on rough terrain ) . Unexpectably longer.

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